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After winning this DVD in a giveaway, I feel I should post my review here. It's probably one of the most emotionally powerful movies I've seen in a while, and is well worth watching for everyone, provided kleenex is standing by. My review:

This is an extremely good movie. It somehow manages to be simultaneously beautiful and tragic, innocent and terrifying. Doing what no film has ever done before, it shows the Holocaust through the eyes of an innocent 8-year-old German boy. Though young Bruno may not understand the events unfolding around him, the viewer certainly will. While little or nothing is directly shown (making it an excellent means of introducing younger viewers to the history of the Holocaust), you have no trouble knowing what is happening. I loved the shooting style used in this film, as it successfully captures the innocent view of a child during one of the darkest periods in world history. This also serves to make it even more disturbing, though also more real, as you see Bruno attempt to make sense of what is going on in his world. Then, if all that wasn't enough, the whole film comes to a close with one of the hardest hitting endings ever done on film. My mother and I both were crying throughout, and were left off staring in wide-eyed terror. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone. It isn't a happy movie, but it's an important one. I now plan on reading the book as well.