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Where to Restart; a.k.a. "How Do I Move Forward From Here?"

Alright, looking back at it, this really is a total mess. There's no point even trying to import stuff here that I posted reviews for elsewhere in the meantime, so I'm going to start anew, with a particular focus on whatever new releases and such I read, as well as whatever things I randomly come across that seem to warrant a review. I know I still have readers checking in on this blog, since I got a bunch of your messages (thank you, by the way — all the well wishes are very much appreciated), and I hope you aren't disappointed by this decision. If you really want to catch up on my Goodreads or Facebook reviews, drop me a line. Otherwise, I will post an update once I have one to offer.

In other news, yes, I did graduate college since you last heard from me - summa cum laude! Yay! Actually, I finished with two B.A.s and three Associate's degrees, on my way to law school. We went through a lot of emotional breakdowns and such following the fire, and there was a very long period on my part of a more-than-fulltime course schedule paired with demanding work schedules, but it all proved worth it in the end. And, we're mostly okay now. We lost our dog some time back — the same one I pulled out of the fire that night, so, that was a big blow all over again. Then, major health scares and all that made for an interesting time away from you all.

But, I'm at least definitely more on top of things than I've ever been, and, with a bit of luck, will soon be taking you all along with me on the journey to law school because, I've gotta tell you, it's not a remotely straightforward or simple process.


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